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Book: 5 Love Languages

Today I bring you a book recommendation:

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

To have a meaningful romantic relationship, it is important for you and your partner to meet each other’s needs. 

This book has sold millions of copies around the world because it identifies the 5 most common needs of people in relationships and strategies about how to fulfill the needs of your partner. 
What are the 5 love languages?

1. Words of Affirmation – positive comments, telling them you love them, compliments etc

2. Acts of Service – doing helpful things for them, doing household tasks, giving your loved one a lift etc

3. Receiving Gifts – as it says on the tin. They enjoy thoughtful presents.

4. Quality Time – spending quality time with them, anything from a meaningful phone-call to a holiday. I bet these guys love date nights!

5. Physical Touch – hand-holding, hugging, sitting next to each other on the sofa, snuggling. This one is not just talking about sex – its the going-about-your-day touches

You may already have an idea what your love language is. Could you guess your partners? 

No need for any guesswork! 🙂

Gary Chapman kindly made a quiz so you can find out what yours is!

Once you know, then…

You will be aware of how you like to receive your love – it may be a cuppa in the morning, it may be a compliment, or it might be a hug

You can let your partner know and they can get loving straight away.

Also, get your partner to take the quiz! Then you can do the same for them 🙂

It also may help you notice the times when you feel like you want something from your partner – knowing what you need will help you ask for it, if it’s been missed for whatever reason and vice-versa.

Maybe you normally have a date night, but one of you is working late. If your love language is quality time then you’ll want to have some quality time booked another time to fulfill that need. 

It also explains why some of us get really annoyed about the bins not being taken out. If acts of service is their love language, the absence of helping round the house will affect them more than others.

The author uses the example of how his wife’s love language is acts of service, and his is words of affirmation. She is very complimentary to him. In return, he does the hoovering 🙂 All for love! 

This book gives a little insight to relationship interactions… there is also a parent-child version as well! 

Happy quizzing!

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Go for it

Full of motivation today, and wanted to share it with you!

I could write lots of tips for how manage concerns about trying new things or doing something that scares you. 

But, what I want to tell you is that if your gut & your heart have led you to the point that you WANT to do something…

Pay attention.

Fear will try to put you off, but you’re stronger than him. 

Life is for living, having experiences, never limiting yourself.

What your heart desires…


We can be put off an idea within 5 seconds… but the flutter of the idea can also grow within 5 seconds if you let it!

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