Month: October 2016


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Life admin

I heard this term a few years ago, and its stuck with me ever since.

When I was younger, my life was well organised. Routines were in place. Plans were made. Things got done. A well-oiled machine was in place…

When you become independent… who oils our machine? Oh yeah… we do!

Life admin is all the admin needed to keep your life ticking over:

  • Domestic
  • Work
  • Social
  • Family
  • Personal

Everything ranging from making shopping lists, to paying car tax, to arranging hen dos! 

Even though it may look as though people are gliding through life, with everything magically getting done… time and effort is required.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary and advisable to block out time for these tasks.

If the queen has time blocked out for responding to letters, we can certainly have time to book travel insurance, write birthday cards, and find an exercise class to attend.

We are the CEO of our company and our personal assistant rolled into one!

Of course, if you can delegate then that’s great. But if it does fall on you, what can you do to keep track?

The key is organisation.

Long-term we want to keep on top of our lives so they run smoothly.

Short-term we need motivation to make that happen!

1. Note down recurring tasks e.g. paying car insurance – this is an annual thing in X month. Being aware of these tasks will reduce anxiety & prevent unnecessary surprises.

2. What goals are you working towards? If you have a 10km run in 3 months – it’s helpful to bear this is in mind while, for example, planning your food and exercise regime.

3. Break it down. It’s October – what needs doing this month? Who’s birthday is this month? Do I have any weekends away booked?

4. Break it down some more. This week I need to… send a form in the post. Weekly tasks keep you on track and give a 7 day deadline…

5. Break it down even more… Once you know what needs doing this month and this week, be proactive with what needs to be done today

6. Make a list – tick the tasks off as you go. This will give you a sense of achievement & provides visual evidence of progress. Good for mood boosting as you see your productivity in action.

7. Manage your diary – electronic, phone-based, or in a good old paper diary – it’s helpful to keep on top of what is going on, when, and with whom? 

Ideally these tips will give you a helping hand in keeping your life admin ticking over, so you have plenty of time for fun activities!

Take care,