Month: September 2016



Take care,




Our lives are so busy, often we are on the go, go, go!

We fulfil many roles:

  • Employee
  • Parent
  • Friend
  • Daughter/Son
  • Housemate
  • Carer
  • Sister/Brother
  • Aunt/Uncle

What can happen is that we got lost in the midst of it all. We have limited time for ourselves; time where we can stop and just be us. 

Added to our roles are pressures from all around us, including social media. 

Social media is so big now people can live off their earnings from posting photos to Instagram, sharing their products on Facebook, and advertising themselves on You Tube. 

Good on them!

But, it can leave us bombarded with information, leading to information overload! 

Some of us buzz from being busy and love buying THE latest thing everyone is raving about, and that’s great, but it’s not necessarily sustainable for long periods of time.

To help yourself re-charge, have some quiet time, peaceful time – with no phones, laptops, tablets…

  • Sit quietly
  • Read a book
  • Go for a gentle bike ride
  • Admire some flowers in nature
  • Take a walk by the sea
  • Lie down
  • Reflect 
  • Write in your journal
  • Do some mindful colouring

Your wellbeing will appreciate this time, I highly recommend you give it a go. Even if it’s for ten minutes…

Take care, 




As a CBT therapist I work with people every week to overcome different problems.

These might be struggles related to thoughts, behaviour, physical sensations or emotions.

Or all of the above! 

I enjoy thought work the most, as it can be a real game-changer

To give you a flavour of what presentations I work with, here are some typical problems & associated thoughts.


“I have done nothing today, what a waste of time”

Social Anxiety

“What if I can’t think of anything to say?”

Health Anxiety

“What if this pain means I have a serious illness?”

Generalised Anxiety

“What if I miss the train?”

Low Self-Esteem

“Everyone else is better than me”


“I have so much to do, how am I going to get it all done?!”


“If I lower my standards it won’t be good enough”


“If I don’t complete my rituals, something bad will happen”


“What if I stop breathing & pass out?”

It never takes long for these thoughts to spiral…

What they all have in common is that they all have a significant negative impact on how you’re feeling.


😣😲😨😦 ANXIOUS 😦😨😲😣


😔😭😩☹ DEPRESSED ☹😩😭😔


Where is a good place to start to help someone feeling this way?

I always say half the battle when it comes to our thoughts is being aware of them. 

Our thoughts have usually affected us before we even realise we’ve had them!

By increasing your awareness of your thoughts/thinking patterns, you can reduce the distress they cause. 

Check out these unhelpful thinking habits, do you recognise any that apply to you? 

If you notice you are engaging with any of them you can ask yourself: 

Is it helpful for me to think this? 

If the answer is no, this may be enough to prompt you to change your focus of attention to something more positive/helpful.

You’ll be so glad you did!

Take care,