How messy is your house today?

How messy is your house just before you have guests coming over?

If those two answers are the same – good work!

Nice hotel room, right?

It is very neat, stylish, and orderly.

Is there anything missing?

As it stands, there is no-one there; there is no life in it.

How different would it look if you and your partner arrived, opened your suitcase, and sprawled across the bed or went for a shower?

Would it look as tidy?

Is this room designed to sit still like an art exhibition?

Is our life meant to be straightforward at all times?

Some days I long for uncomplicated days.

Some days my house is spotless.

Other days, life takes over!

When did we turn our backs on the chaos and contradictions that have always been an essential part of our humanity?

~Hugh Mackay

I’m learning from Hugh myself today.

Life is messy and that’s OK; take heed.

Take care,




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