Month: December 2015



Imagine your life is exactly the way it is meant to be…

What would be happening?

Who would be there?

How would you feel?

One way you can harness your ideas is to create a “dream board” – a term I first heard from my Mum.

I created my first one using an A3 piece of paper & some magazine cut outs when I was 18. Filled with ideas about university, passing my driving test & finding my soulmate! πŸ˜‰

As we are a lot more digital now you may like to create a digital dream board!

The more personalised to you they are the better. Take time to think about what is right for you, if you’re not sure use your environment and people you know to help you. Inspiration can strike at any time! πŸ™‚

I have made a few digital ones for inspiration courtesy of good old Google!


Enjoy creating & take care,


Christmas by Numbers

Christmas by Numbers

Ten… family members I shall be spending Christmas time with, including my gorgeous baby nephew! baby_mickey_mouse_sleeping_1

Nine… hundred things I need to do before I go away for Christmas! haha

to do

Eight… Christmas jumpers I considered before buying this one from Tesco πŸ™‚


Seven… presents left to wrap (watching The Holiday of course!)


Six… of us ready for a post-Christmas walk on Boxing Day


Five… of us drinking champagne on Christmas day


Four… modes of transport I will use to reach my Christmas destination


Three… days until I see my family for Christmas bear hugs!

bear hugs

Two…angels together in heaven, with me this Christmas in spirit.

cute winnie the pooh quotes-RPkK

One… Christmas Day!


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

Thanks for reading,

Take care,





2015 is coming to an end…

11 days until Christmas Day


18 days until New Year’s Day


Thinking about the year ahead can conjure up many different thoughts and feelings. Some of you may consider January 1st just another day of the week, perhaps others of you may like the prospect of a brand shiny new year starting!

For me, I have often been tempted to wipe the slate clean at the end of theΒ  year, and aim for a “fresh start” – my expectations ramp up, and I throw myself into the new year. The infinite possibilities feel more real on January 1st than any other day of the year!

The truth is though, January 1st 2016 is a Friday. A lot of us will have 3 days off in a row after New Year’s Eve, which is lovely. Then we will go back to work, and make some plans just like we always did… When shall I do my weekly shop? When will I see my friends next? When will I get my car serviced? When will I go on holiday this year? When will I meet my friend’s new addition to the family? When is our next date night?

If you end up saying things like…

This year must be a million times better than last year!

…you are putting A LOT of pressure on yourself.

Plus, it is not possible to make everything suddenly better and “wipe away” things that happened to you in the previous year. Everything that happens to us makes us who we are. We can channel sadness or disappointment into something more positive, but it is OK to bring all of your experiences and emotions with you into your new year – not just the positive ones. Our emotions don’t suddenly expire on December 31st. We don’t suddenly “get over” everything just because the clock strikes 12. When the fireworks start, our memories of the previous year stay put; happy, sad, and everything in between!

We are the same people on December 31st as we are on January 1st – this is absolutely fine πŸ™‚

So maybe skip the lorry load of pressure that comes with having an AMAZING NEW YEAR!!! #OMG #bestyearever and any plans to transform yourself into someone your friends & family would not recognise or even like!

Self-improvement can happen any time of the year; most likely it will be gradual and require time, effort, and patience.


At the same time, you may not wish to change anything! You may be perfectly happy and your aim is to maintain feeling content.


My approach to this new year will be to be grateful for what I have, thoughtful about my experiences, and to continue aiming sensibly and working hard to achieve my goals.

Of course, staying true to myself…

I will always wish for my dreams to come true!



I hope 2015 has been kind to you,

Take care,