Month: November 2015



Finding my words this week in the form of a poem…

“You may wonder…”

Everyone is different; no two people are the same.

Variety is the spice of life, they say.

Each person is individual, with their own style,

Ready to make their authentic life, worthwhile.

You may wonder about someone, if they are different to you;

Only we cannot know 100% why people do what they do.

Nearly every experience has happened to someone else before;

Experiences are what we live life for.

In challenging times we may look to others, to help us cope.

Sometimes though, we have to go through it on our own.

Do it your way, your best; it is all you can do.

If doubts creep in, remember all you’ve been through.

For some, life can seem so undeserved and unfair.

For others, it may appear fairy tales unfold there.

Everyone’s lives are different; no two lives are the same.

Remember we all have our individual journeys, and

Everyone endures and copes in their own way;

Not just to get through, but to flourish and grow.

To make our loved ones proud; it means everything, you know.

 Take care,





There are so many qualities I appreciate in other people! I could fill this whole post with a long list.

To name a few: a good sense of humour, positivity, encouragement, reliability, and thoughtfulness.

I like to think I embody these qualities too; though I am (sadly) not renowned for my joke-telling – I love my friends’ witty ways!

What qualities do you appreciate in other people?

At different times in our lives, some qualities may stand out more than others.

I have noticed recently how much I appreciate kindness as a positive quality.

Looking at some definitions of what kindness is, we have:

1. Oxford dictionary – the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

2. Urban dictionary – the act of going out of your way to be nice to
someone or show a person you care.

3. Galatians 5:22 – “…is the fruit of the spirit…”

4. Waves of Kindness – is pure love expressed, experienced & realised

During my research, I was surprised to see so many articles talking about links between kindness and weakness… Being gentle and kind are inspirational qualities, to me.

A sign of strength is to be an “all-weather” person; being kind in your thoughts and actions can truly brighten someone’s day

Kindness is definitely appreciated during challenging times, as well as (ideally) being part of daily life.

We have all heard of random acts of kindness – have you ever completed or received one?

I received one recently on a rainy evening in Edinburgh. I arrived around 9pm at the train station & I needed to get a bus to my friend’s house. I walked along Princess Street for what seemed like hours searching for a cashpoint. I finally found one, and I located the nearest bus stop. I was quite tired at this point, and I was very relieved when the bus arrived. I hopped on, to be told by a stern bus driver that only exact change for my fare would be accepted. *Eeek* My mind whizzed as I considered what a palava the next 30-60mins would be as I trundled off with my suitcase to find somewhere to buy something I didn’t want to get some change & then wait for the next bus. Then… a kind Scottish man behind me said “Don’t worry, I will get your fare” 🙂 Wow, he completely made my day.

The moral of the story is: always have change for bus fare… BUT also, random acts of kindness are appreciated 🙂

Examples for inspiration:

*Send a text to tell someone you are thinking of them
*Ask someone looking a bit stressed if they are OK
*Express gratitude & say thank you
*Call a friend on your lunch break or when you are walking the dog
*Help a mum with a pushchair down some steep stairs
*Give someone a hug & tell them you love them
*Share an article you think others will enjoy reading
*Send a photo of Joe Manganiello to make your friends smile (haha!)

So whether you know someone having a tough time, or you want to show someone you love them, or you want to be kind because you are nice like that, little gestures can go a long way 🙂

Be kind & take care,