Upgrade Your Day

Do you ever have those times where your day looks like it will be a run-of-the-mill day? You scroll through Instagram thinking “their life looks so fun”, you’re still in your pjs, and you feel, well, meh (!)

It happens to all of us; we’re human

In these moments, we can acknowledge where we are and how we are feeling, before asking ourselves the golden question: “what can I do to upgrade my day?”

I’m here to share how an average day can become an extraordinary day in a few easy steps.

1. Practice gratitude – make a list of 3 things you are grateful for first thing in the morning – it could be your morning brew or a hug from your baby – anything you like!

Research has shown that consistently happy people acknowledge what they’re grateful for on a regular basis. Being grateful is a fast track to joy and happiness.


2. Focus on you – don’t worry about what other people think or what they’re doing.

Comparing yourself to others is a sure fire way to ruin moments in your life. It doesn’t matter what other people think. It really doesn’t. You are the leading lady/man in your own life. Any decisions you make are yours. Any mistakes you make are yours. All your moments are yours. This is living. Focus on living the best way you can; kicking ass at work/parenthood/life in your own unique style.

 3. Phone a friend – not to ask a quiz question, but to arrange to meet up!

As humans, we’re social creatures – there’s nothing quite like seeing your BFF to brighten your day or having a natter on the phone 🙂 Your connection will be enhanced more through talking rather than Whatsapping/texting.


4. Bake that cake – do what brings you joy; meaningful activities are proven to maintain positive wellbeing. Go to the beach, read a book, visit a local tourist attraction, drink cider with your friends, have a playdate, go to the cinema, watch the Great British Bake Off… whatever you like!

Aim to have meaningful activities in your day, every day. Upgrading your day by planning in pleasurable activities is always the first port of call for clients I see who are low in mood. It’s recommended to have a balance of pleasurable activities on your own & with others. See step 2 🙂 Allow yourself to absorb the joy from these activities.

 5. Push yourself – comfort zones are comfy, but it’s not where the magic happens!

Is there something you have been meaning to do? Is there somewhere you have been meaning to go? We often think “oh I’ll do that another day” or “I won’t be any good at that” so we stay put, unfulfilled. If you get the impulse to leave the house & have an adventure: “go for it!” If you want to sign up for a new booty shaking exercise class: “go for it!” – YOU can do ANYTHING! You just need to believe you can. What are you waiting for?


6. Practice gratitude – yes, I have deliberately added this one in again 🙂 This time, make a list of 3 things you’re grateful for at the end of the day before you go to sleep. Wouldn’t it be soothing to go to sleep smiling, feeling content?

With enough practice, gratitude can become a helpful habit to keep your mind focusing more on positives – which in turn keeps your good mood ticking over. It’s worth a try, right?

I hope you all enjoy upgrading your days!

Take care,